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Toca Kitchen – Why it is an Important Tool for Connecting

Toca Kitchen may give you a modernized view on creativity, but things were different back then. The kids of today will never know how the kids of the 90s lived – or so they say. Today’s kids are being raised in front of screens. It used to be TVs and DVDs; now, it’s on phone screens and laptops. This is where they are constantly being fed with educational shows. That’s still the right idea in mind, but it can be too much for a child.

It’s a lot better for a child to be left imagining things by themselves. Instead of just having them be fed lessons through a screen. It’s better to leave the child with paper and crayons to let their creativity run wild. It is a recommended option in nurturing your child’s mind instead of plainly being fed with information from videos.

The Importance of Creative Play

The creators of the cooking app Toca Kitchen free had the right idea to let children create freely. With this, a child’s sense of wonder translates to imagination through thinking about what the customers will eat. A child’s creativity can also develop through thinking about what kinds of food to create. It’s rare for a phone app to foster imaginary play, without any pressure. This game lets a child explore a role or create certain scenarios using Toca Kitchen’s different kitchen food.

It can also foster creativity through combination play. As they cook on the screen, they can act this out by feeding real-life customers. They can also create recipes with you and/or their playmates.

Using Toca Kitchen to Play

It’s initially up to you and your creativity how to use the Toca Kitchen download app. You can create an organized “kitchen” of sorts in your home and set-up the tablet there. Moreover, you can designate an area where they can freely express themselves. At the same time, teach them the value of cleanliness by keeping it clean after they are done playing.


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You can also play with Toca Kitchen on a purely online level. If your child feels too tired, think of it as a new way of “reading a story” to them. Make sure to let them take the lead in making recipes and finding new ways to cook. You’ll never know what kind of recipes they’ll think of as they play the app.

Let Your Children be Themselves

While allowing them to play with Toca Kitchen, it is important to not be too restrictive and intrusive. If they want to play with their friends or other children, let them. It’s an important period of forming social bonds with others as well. Toca Kitchen is just a tool, after all, and it’s your child that’s the main focus here. Download the game on your PC for free here.