About Toca Kitchen: A Game for the Creative at Heart

Play an imagined kitchen with your kids with this Parents Choice Awards 2012 winner, Toca Kitchen. This game lets your children play with their food – but in an eccentric way. Moreover, this brings back and strengthens the bonding you have with your children. Pick one of four hungry characters to cook for. Fried carrots? Boiled potatoes? Or microwaved tomatoes? Nothing is wrong in Toca Kitchen, which lets your child take the lead in preparing different dishes.




A Game Filled with Fun & No Pressure

Toca Kitchen, to be clear, is not a game where you have to keep track of win-loss statistics. There will be no mundane numbers that will discourage you in this game. Furthermore, there is no pressure to reach these numbers, either. What determines the success of your performance in this game is by how much you enjoy playing it.

Explore different cooking experiments with your children within the safety of an app. In addition, foster kindness to all kinds of creatures by feeding them food prepared with love. This game is a toy, and it is helpful for the growth of your kids. It also helps them hone their imagination and creativity.

It’s an app that’s suited for all ages and doesn’t punish you for the lack or overabundance of imagination. Download the app today to get a full grasp of what the Toca Kitchen cooking game is!