Toca Kitchen: A Fun Cooking & Food Game for Everyone

Toca Kitchen by Toca Boca is a game that is not just for kids, but for everyone including adults. Moreover, it encourages bonding between a parent and a child through this game. Here, everyone can have the sensation of playing with their food. But at the same time, no need to worry about looking silly and making a mess. In this game, you can play and relive your childhood fantasies all at once!

There is no right or wrong answer in Toca Kitchen so no need to fret or to be pressured. Prepare the food any way you like – slice it, dice it, or even mince it. There’s no wrong way to cook it either! Boil, fry, or just plain cook it on a pan, you’ll never go wrong in this game. Aside from that, you can feed hungry customers their preferred type of food as well. Experience customer service through food in Toca Kitchen!

On Creative Freedom

The reason behind Toca Kitchen is simple – to foster creativity. Moreover, it aims to remove the fear of making a mistake which hinders innovation. Toca Boca developed this app to be a bridge between parent and child. In addition, its objective is to provide a game which will foster that connection. Play with your child through this game. Imagine yourselves as chefs and prepare food for your hungry customers. There are four different types of customers in Toca Kitchen. But who says that they have to be the only ones? Let your child’s imagination run free and feed a whole diner or even a full-seating five-star restaurant!

Kids can try their hand at making their own recipes in Toca Kitchen. Got a recipe for a carrot burger? Try it out! Want to combine different vegetables (not the usual ones) to create a salad? Go nuts! Speaking of nuts, they’re an ingredient for many different kinds of side dishes, but maybe you and your child can create another one. Continue making the impossible possible by playing this cooking game!

Behind Toca Kitchen

Jens Peter de Pedro, one of the app’s designers, explains their decision to create Toca Kitchen. “The inspiration for this game is the typical pretend play of cooking and eating that kids love to set up,” he says. “ I’m sure you have been pulled into it many times.”

While there isn’t a shortage of creative games like this in the world today, there’s certainly not many out there. You most certainly wouldn’t want your children to learn violence too soon. Therefore, this is the app that’s just perfect for a mind that’s being formed.

Before they get into the world of fantastical creatures or a make-believe war, why develop their creativity first? That’s the first step towards unleashing their potential. On the other hand, Toca Kitchen is also a game that lets you spend more time with your child. Especially at a period when they need you the most. Try out the Toca Kitchen free game today by downloading it online!

Game Features

  • Four cute characters to choose from. Cook their favorite food for plus points!
  • Prepare food in your own way!
  • No rules, no fuss – play the way you and your kids absolutely want to!
  • Kid-friendly with no intrusive advertisements or the chance for an accidental in-app purchase.

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Check out these game screenshots.

Toca Kitchen Screenshot
Toca Kitchen Screenshot

Toca Kitchen: A Fun Cooking & Food Game for Everyone